David Rand

Bringing things to life in the world of tech & visual arts.

I am a Creative Director & Multimedia Designer from New York who has worked in the industry for 19+ years, gaining experience in all forms of traditional and new media. With a Renaissance approach to life and a focus in: Creative Direction, Design, Branding, Print & Media Production, Web & Mobile Design, Video, Animation, UI/UX... the list goes on. In an industry that constantly changes, it is imperative to remain relevant in my work and technical knowledge, and I savor every new challenge and obstacle that comes my way.

David Rand.

Digital / Multimedia

Over the course of my career, I have led the design and production of hundreds of websites for individuals and companies, in a variety industries, as well as thousands of banner ads, videos, 3d models and animations, email campaigns, landing pages, social media sites and online experiences. I have also designed mobile apps and Xbox Live apps for companies like Manga Entertainment and Money20/20, and dealt with DFP/Doubleclick ad campaigns, SEO and SEM.

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