David Rand

Bringing things to life in the world of tech & visual arts.

I am a Creative Director & Multimedia Designer from New York who has worked in the industry for 19+ years, gaining experience in all forms of traditional and new media. With a Renaissance approach to life and a focus in: Creative Direction, Design, Branding, Print & Media Production, Web & Mobile Design, Video, Animation, UI/UX... the list goes on. In an industry that constantly changes, it is imperative to remain relevant in my work and technical knowledge, and I savor every new challenge and obstacle that comes my way.

David Rand.

Project : Manga

While a Creative & Web Director at Starz Media, I developed Manga.com as the premiere online destination for Manga Entertainment and Manga Video’s catalog of 800+ titles, including Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell, Astroboy and Eon Kid. At it’s height, Manga.com had 300,000 monthly unique users that engaged with video, articles and forums surrounding the variety of well-known animated features and series.

Leading the Starz Media Digital team, and after a year of development time with Microsoft and Brightcove, I helped Manga Entertainment debut as one of the original applications available on the Xbox Live platform. In June of 2012, I received the Brightcove Innovation Award for Best Connected TV App for Manga Entertainment on the Xbox.