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Award-winning creative director from New York with a proven record of driving businesses in multiple industries. Passion for creating sharp, professional, and unique designs and messages that immediately attract attention and drive responses. Skilled in developing high-impact marketing materials, brand identities, and print and digital designs. Track record of meeting the most demanding deadlines, communicating effectively with cross-functional teams, and leading by example. Dedicated to finding the most creative solutions for all challenges. Known for taking a hands-on and problem-solving approach directing artists and team members, collaborating with clients, and bringing creative concepts to life.

David Rand.

Project : Money20/20

As the industry’s primetime conference and trade show, Money20/20 delivers the biggest scale, best audience and most engaging event. Money20/20 is the largest global event focused on payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. In 2015, after only 3 years, Money20/20 had grown from 1,700 attendees at its initial event to 10,500 attendees.

As a way to enrich the Money20/20 attendee’s experience, I lead the production of a mobile app, in conjunction with QuickMobile to give attendees the ability to network with others at the event by allowing them to create in app meeting requests and messaging. It included a fully up-to-date schedule, bios of all event speakers, descriptions of all event tracks and sessions, and a fully interactive exhibition hall map with location pinpointing from each exhibitor’s detail page. After the event, videos of all sessions were posted to the app allowing attendees to catch up on specific sessions that they may not have been able to attend. The mobile app was an overwhelming success attaining a 98.85% adoption rate from attendees, who collectively logged more than 3,800 hours of usage and over 1.25 million page views over the course of the 4 day event.

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Production for an event that brings in over 10,000 people has an unimaginable number of pieces that require design. From the simple lanyard and badge for each attendee, to event bags, directional and informational signage, aisle signs for the exhibit hall, kiosks, workbooks, streaming twitter walls, and even speaker stage design. I led the event’s creative process and production and ensured brand consistancy, aesthetic quality and flawless presentation.

Money20/20 video

Money20/20 2014 Attendee Infographic